Monday, January 11, 2016

Keep Going 43 - "I Like Sunshine..."

"... In the Month of May"

"A bit of shufflin' on Friday, Jan. 8! But I got hotter on Saturday!" 

I like sunshine in January too but not with such mild temperatures. I like a long, cold winter season so that the earth - and billions of Canadian plants - can rest. A few months of good 'n' cold temps will also snap off the legs of multitudes of harmful bugs. (My own, covered with red thermals and blue jeans, will do just fine).

Strange sights on Saturday during walk KG43 (i.e., Keep Going, 43 out of 60);

 "Barely a drop of snow beside the Thames in fragrant Greenway Park"

"Runners in shorts may love mild temps in January. Not me."

Come on, Winter! Show some life!

Link to Keep Going 41

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