Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Keep Going 58, "Colour-Co-ordination!"

"Walking is as Easy as..."

"Slapping on a colour-co-ordinated outfit"

My goal for January was to walk 27 days out of 31. At the moment I am on course to hit 30 out of 31. I don't like taking days off, even in cold weather (at a minimum this winter), and getting out the door is as easy as slipping into a high-tech, colourful outfit, i.e., blue jeans and a warm coat.

Yesterday Don and I walked under bright skies. You wouldn't know it because I switched photos to black and white in order to promote artsy-fartsiness and show off my long legs.

Some time this week I will reach the end of the line for Goal 2 - Keep Going for 60 more walks. A new goal and outfit are definitely coming up.

Valu Village, here I come!

Link to Keep Going 54

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