Monday, January 18, 2016

Keep Going 50 "Cold Weather for Walkin'"

Throwin' a Change Up

Thursday, Friday, Saturday (KG47 - 49) - good and far

I walked to UWO on Thursday and it felt all up hill due to the warm weather and slushy sidewalks. On Friday I took the bus to the university and walked home in one hour. Much easier on the downhill, I must say. And Saturday I walked all over the place, including to a Knights game.

Cold weather turned me back home to my bicycle

On Sunday, after a 15-minute walk toward Greenway Park, I turned back. Too cold for the clothes I was wearing. Once home I hopped onto my exercise bike with a good book. Not a bad change up, I say.

KG50 out of 60 = 83.3% of the way for Goal 2. I think when warmer weather returns I will be plenty ready for shuffling* along to Buffalo.

Photos from along the way:

St. George's Anglican, Wharncliffe, on way home from UWO

Link to Keep Going 46

*shuffling is like jogging, but slower

Photos GH

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