Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Keep Going 52 "Red Long-johns"

"Sure, It's Cold Out There"

"After a walk of 1HR, 20 MIN I head straight home"

When temperatures dip below freezing and even my thickest blue jeans don't keep out the cold, I don my trusty red long-johns and head into the wind. That way, on the way home, the wind is at my back and any uphills feel easier on tired legs.

"My Walkin' Buddy is back from warmer climes"

I've noticed that some ducks have a trick up their sleeves as well during very cold days. They gather in groups on the south side of the Thames River (in Greenway Park), close to the outtake pipe from the pollution plant. Duck l'Orange anyone? Anyone? Eeeuuuwww. (Hey, it's a living).

One more photo from 'along the way', adjacent to the aforementioned plant:

KG60 will be reached within the next two weeks and I'll then plan another exciting walking goal with fun and fitness in mind. Happy days!

Link to Keep Going 50

Photos by GH

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