Monday, December 17, 2012

Favourite Photos: Quay Street Brewery, Port Huron

Last Sunday my son Paul dusted me off and dragged me out of the workshop for an afternoon. Smooth move too, I say. 90 minutes later he plunked me down at the bar in the Quay St. Brewery just on the other side of The Canada - US border.

["We parked on Quay St., beside a graceful metal sculpture"]

I was soon surrounded by the house specialty - a sampler tray of eight brews. "What do I do now?" was not a question I had to ask. I just had to select one 5-ounce glass at a time in a leisurely fashion... and sip away. It's good work if you can get it.

Two hours and one delightful lunch later we walked back to the car, but not after I'd snapped a few pictures of the brewery's east wall. It was home to a few hop vines (lower left of building), a rare sight in my experience.

Though the few cones I picked did not survive the trip back to London in my coat pocket, one or two photos remind me of the day's rare outing.

I should ask my son to dust me off more often!

Photos by GH


On Saturday night I sampled one small glass of Great Lake Brewery's Winter Ale. Yummy.

Have you sampled a good beer lately? Which one?

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