Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rare Family Photos: "Friends past and present"

My sister Lannie Dee has remained fast friends for over 60 years with one of the girls in the attached photo, circa 1949. The quality and duration of the friendship makes this black and white, taken beside Main St., Norwich, a rare one indeed.

Knowing my sister (front row, left), she likely had these kids organized into a well-oiled work party. They would likely have been told to climb the fence behind them and dig in the dirt. And Lannie is holding the only spoon.

"Follow me, Dave (Dave Croft, front row, middle). Come on, Carroll (Carroll Butler, life-long friend, front row, far right). You too, Murray (Murray Butler, back left). I don't know you other two girls but you come too."

And I bet they were all soon making another big mound of dirt upon which to play 'King (likely Queen) of the Castle', next door to the Norwich Presbyterian Church and our great-uncle Arthur's house. To this day Lannie probably has the same spoon in the kitchen drawer.

Photo of photo by GH


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