Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun and Fitness: "Monster Monday works for me"

Last week I knew there was trouble ahead - so I wrote about it, of course - but I found enough time in my busy schedule to collect 100 points for exercise. (4 - 5 minutes of exercise = about 1 pt.)

["When I reach 800 'extra miles' I'll take 8 weeks off!"]

And Monster Monday certainly helped me reach my goal. For two Mondays in a row I cycled 40 miles on my exercise bike and fit in more cycling, walking and hockey when I could, enough to collect 114.5 pt. two weeks ago and 109 last week, and enough to set two consecutive new records for 'extra miles' (N.R.).

["I cover 40 miles in about 2.5 hr. That's a good reading time"]

This evening - to keep the streak alive, I plan to go for another long 'Monster' ride and read another chapter or two of 'The Day of Battle', Volume 2 of The Liberation Trilogy by Pulitzer Prize winner Rick Atkinson. Good books and Monster Mondays are working for me!

[This book is 'Recommended Reading']

Photos by GH


What works for you?

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