Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gordie Boy: "I'm sure I winged 'em"

I learned early in life that it pays to be vigilent. Danger comes dressed in many guises and can leap at you at any time. And family and friends don't always pay attention to the lions hiding behind lawn chairs.

 ["Gordie Boy is ready for bear"]

To this day I thank my dad for giving me a trusty rifle when I was three years old along with - surely I was told - a few safety tips: Don't point it at your sisters. Don't look down the barrel. Don't fill the barrel with sand... or anything else. Lions and bears are everywhere. Shoot them on sight. Don't take time to ask questions. Aim for the kidneys.

I protected my family for an entire week one summer while vacationing at Turkey Point. Lions and bears and tigers and elephants and snakes roamed the yard, hid behind lawn chairs and tables and sheds and bushes.

["I winged 'em all and can sit for a few seconds"]

[Back row: Unknown, sisters Lannie and Dale Harrison
Front row: Gordie Boy, cousin Bernice Malcolm]

The beach was a particularly dangerous place and I went through ammo - pow, pow, pikoo, pikoo, shing, shing - by the bushel. And because I didn't understand how ricochets worked I was probably in as much danger as the wild beasts that lurked around every corner. I realized later in life I am fortunate to have lived so long.

I am vigilent to this day. And my aim is still pretty darn good.

Photos of old photos by GH


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Lannie Good said...

Hi Gordie Boy or Bro: that little blond girl behind you is Loraine..I thought she was a cousin but not sure..her mother was a close friend of Nana's and she was always with me all those years at Turkey Point..I think her mother's name was Eva, I called her Aunt Eva..last time I saw her was at Aunt Barb's funeral, Loraine was there too..
Idea for roof of winter bird houses..mix really fine sawdust in with some white paint and it will give you a pebbly know those textured ceilings? We used that mixture for one in St. Marys L.Dee

G. Harrison said...

Lorraine rings a bell; I thought there was a Malcolm or Colman connection. Who is the curly haired girl behind me and to your right? I spent yesterday p.m. cutting logs and slats for cabins. Busy times next week but nice birdhouses will follow.