Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It Strikes Me Funny: Happy Hour 2

I didn't celebrate Happy Hour in the workshop yesterday because Monday night is Marathon Night on my exercise bike and I wanted to start riding right after supper.

["Red cedar and Yellow Snow are a good pairing"]

However, I think I failed to mention that earlier in the week I had a 'new one' for Happy Hour (i.e., a beer new to the shop). Observers with a keen eye may have noticed that in an earlier post a bottle of Yellow Snow IPA appears beside one of my brilliant birdhouses.

I'm here to say Rogue Yellow Snow - from western USA - is brilliant too and goes down well when the smell of red cedar hangs in the air.

Is Rogue Brewery named after the Rogue River in Oregon? Yes.

Can yellow snow often be found outside my workshop after wintertime Happy Hours? Lemme see.

Photos by GH


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