Monday, January 7, 2013

The Workshop: "The man is obsessed!" (5)

Once the big jobs are done related to building a birdhouse I get to have a bit of fun. I add the trim, the bling, the ca-ching, knowing that by attaching a few bits and bobs I can make the house more interesting by half.

I usually add the following:

A perch, a front door, edging on the roof

[A dark edge on the roof - from western cedar - adds contrast]

A telephone pole

Side and back windows

Once the little jobs are done I start looking for a place to store the houses, or log cabins, as in this recently finished batch. Sometimes I throw a few into the trunk of the car and visit stores in London with an empty space in their front window, e.g., The Red Roaster in Wortley Village.

And once home, it's not long before the building process begins again.

As of today, the next batch (of seven rustic cabins) is well underway.

Yup. The man is obsessed.

Photos by GH


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