Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Workshop: Making 'minis' and more

I could not fix my busted table saw so I saved up real hard and bought a new one. 'Mini' log cabins and more will pay for the saw - in the long run. (Ten years of marathoning have prepared me well to deal with the long run.)

I recently felt the difference in size between the mini and large log cabin (seen directly below) was so great there was room for another size in between.

So I created a medium (directly below).

After dusting off my eyebrows I realized there was room for yet another size.

["L to R: Small, medium, large. Mini on top"]

Now I feel there is room for a log cabin triplex. I'll be busy in the workshop all week, I'm sure.

(It's not called a playshop, after all!)

Photos by GH


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