Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Workshop: "The man is obsessed!" (4)

Two red cedar deck boards (8 ft. by 6 in. by 5/4 in.) were soon transformed into four rustic log cabins with the help of two saws, sander and brad nailer. And it took me no time at all to assemble scrap bits of cedar from which I could cut 3/8th in. slats (approx. 10 in. long) for the roofs.

["I found some very nice scrap inside my storage shed"]

Almost nothing makes me feel more satisfied than using scrap bits for something very useful. (I know. I gotta get a life!) The white cedar bits were leftovers from an earlier project (LP album frames) and the red cedar - part of a batch found at the Dorchester landfill site several years ago - had been trimmed, shortly after I found it, to become a wall-mounted coat rack but I knew it would make lovely slats too. It did, indeed, and filled the air and shop with a delightful aroma.

["All's well that smells well!"]

Once the slats were lightly sanded I attached 8 pieces to each roof with the brad nailer. To reduce the noise inside the shop I moved the compressor just outside the workshop door and while repositioning it I thought of another project: Build a box to set over top the compressor, so my neighbours are not disturbed by its noise as well.

["The first log cabin is now ready for its roof"]

After attaching a chimney to the first completed roof I paused to take a good look at the near-finished log cabin.

Not bad, I say. Not bad at all.

You know what comes next, right? (It's a job that spells 'ca-ching'!)

Photos by GH


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