Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Workshop: Chinking the log cabins

I have log cabin birdhouses on the brain. They're fun to make and eat up scrap, thereby reducing the need for me to light a fire and send leftover wood up the chimney.

["Five of seven cabins all in a pile awaiting trim"]

 I am using pine that once was attached to my house in the form of exterior board and batten. The batten sat under a tarp for many years and I am feeling very satisfied with myself now as I use it up - as logs and slats - to provide distinctive homes for chickadees, finches and the ubiquitous sparrow.

["I'm using up my eight-penny washers as well. No expense is too great!"]

Two of the cabins looked a bit wonky, with gaps between logs, so I grabbed a can of crack filler and went to work like an old pioneer on the Canadian Prairies. I'n no expert on chinking but if any chickadee comes to my door this year to complain about losing sleep because of a cold draft on its neck I'll be very surprised.

["Chinking the log cabins took but a few minutes"

Today I'll add the last of the trim and paint a sign for my sales corner:

Gordie Boy's Spring Special! Only $XX

Step right up.

Photos by GH


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