Monday, January 7, 2013

Zoom w a View: I spare no expense

One comment from an onlooker made me reach - uncharacteristically - for my wallet this morning.

While I arranged a few of my birdhouses onto a shelf at a local coffee shop a woman said to me, "I like how the washers on the perch catch the eye."

I said thank you, explained - in so many words - that I like to use bits and bobs, odds and ends, little thingees, thingamabobs, stuff from any of several stuff jars I have hanging about my workshop to decorate my birdhouses. I think I also used the word 'pizzazz' somewhere in my explanation, in its proper context.

Then I walked next door to Tuckey's Home Hardware and bought 20 more washers at 8 cents a pop. Truly, I spare no expense for me birds.

Photo by GH  


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