Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It Strikes Me Funny: Happy Hour 3

It doesn't happen often. Happy Hour rolled around in the workshop yesterday and I still had chinking to do on a birdhouse. So, I had to ask myself an unusual question. "What cold beverage would go down well while I'm filling cracks between a few logs?"

["Happy Hour is at five in the afternoon. Whoops! I'm late!"]

I thought about it. I drummed my fingers on my work bench. I hummed along to the music by Van Morrison and eventually settled on something from across the way.

['Hymns to the Silence' made me think of Ireland]

I didn't have any Guinness so I selected Gooseberry Wheat Ale, a fine product of Scotland. It was perfect. Light, nicely carbonated, gooseberry-ish, a titch tart (and I like 'sours').


Photos by GH


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