Friday, February 8, 2013

Birdhouse London: Mystery barnboard

I don't know exactly where the barnboard came from originally but I know where it ended up after I found it at a landfill site outside of Dorchester about five years ago. I.e., under a tarp on my back deck and, as of last week, inside my workshop. 

["This is the tallest cabin I've made... so far"]

And yesterday it ended up as logs for my most recent birdhouse project, a log cabin triplex.

I have almost finished the main part of the structure and feel the barnboard looks great. The two-tone cedar roof, made also from rescued lumber, should last for decades, and though I initially planned to cover the square hole with a round one drilled through a separate piece of wood, I may just leave it now 'as is'.

["That's a fine lookin' entrance to the lower apartment"]

Today I will try to attach an apartment to the right side of the structure and put the 'tri' into triplex.

More photos to follow.

Photos by GH


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