Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birdhouse London: Prototype a success

The process is the thing, and building a prototype (of a log cabin triplex) is an early step that treads on the heels of other earlier steps. Because I like to scratch out a few drawings, write things down and snap pictures of my progress I can now trace several of the steps taken during a recent and successful (in my always humble opinion) birdhouse project.

Early sketches of a triplex were drawn during an intermission at last week's London Knights hockey game. I've already built dozens of cabins so the sketches came easily. I thought then, this bigger project has possibilities. And I've got the lumber.

["1 in. logs, 3/4 in. logs - very important details. You'll see."]

Earlier this week, after assembling lumber, I scratched out a recipe on scrap paper. "Twelve of this and twelve of that." Again, very important. Sure, it's not rocket science but much depends on getting the numbers right. E.g., my peace of mind.

["Getting the correct size of the top triangle is crucial!"

I write down as many details as possible. A future recipe depends on my chicken scratchings and little diagrams. People at the Smithsonian Institute will appreciate all this stuff one day, I'm sure.

["The 'nailing strip' is an incredible step forward and
better than some aspects of modern technology."]

I discovered during the building process that certain modifications can be made to make the assembly easier. E.g., I could make one 'T' shaped base rather than two smaller ones. I could make both apartments from the same sized logs to speed the cutting process. (I wrote some more stuff down too, be sure of it). 

["Not bad for the first try!"]

But I was glad I kept the one square entrance. It was easy to frame and stands out as a 'cool detail', at least in my opinion.

After I mull a few things over in my mind I'll write the recipe for 'log cabin triplex'... in pencil. Then I'll start a second one, maybe even a third by the end of next week. The process is the thing, and I'm enjoying all of it.

Photos by GH


Have lumber. Will assemble.

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