Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Promises, promises

I said I would and I will. I'll build a log cabin triplex with a nice side yard, room enough for a clothesline and a couple of comfy chairs. My word is my bond.

["The wee clothespins may be available in a local craft shop"]

However, while cutting logs the other day a wee thought, with an accompanying image (3D and in full colour), floated across the movie screen inside my busy mind: You agreed to build two birdhouses for a local ballpark; opening day for the new baseball season is creeping up; so git to it. Git! Git!

["One will display a real baseball, behind plexiglass. Amazingly cool!"]

Yesterday I began to assemble a prototype for the first 'baseball themed' birdhouse. To accommodate a display case for a London Majors baseball, the house will have a common shape with uncommon innards, as would a chicken with two stomachs. (Try to picture that just for a second).

So, a bird will enter through a standard entrance, stroll warily - at first - across the second floor, then easily hop down into the living room at the back of the house. (Try to picture that just for a second, with wariness if possible).

This is going to work. I can see it now.

More to follow.

Photos by GH


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