Thursday, February 14, 2013

Short Story PT 3: "Where are you, Joe?"

I now know where Joe is, or was until last year, according to Google search results. I.e., in the Peace River or Fort St. John area in Northern Alberta. And I know his occupation is (was) that of a gifted/enrichment teacher and he accompanied a class to Ottawa in 2011, even though his paperwork re his teaching position was in question ; ) according to moi.

Two days ago I sent him an email re his 'incomplete paperwork' and now await his reply.

Ping. (That was quick! Actually, it arrived yesterday).

His emails reads as follows:

Hi Gordon

Please clarify.



Okay, not exactly what I was expecting (e.g., it's not "Hey Gord. You are such a hoot!") but at least I know he is alive and well and connected to a viable email address.

As per his request, I clarified:

Thank you for your prompt reply and enquiry, Joe.

Usually, I wouldn't bother with details related to documents that go as far back as 1969, but while reviewing a photo journal recently (i.e., Spectrum, 1970) related to your year at Elwood College, I noticed that my staff thoroughly explained the paperwork in question and you still failed to sign it, leaving you one credit short, as per first email.

["Sign both at the bottom. What could be
easier?" says Sec. Elizabeth Brebeuf]

As the new Elwood College Judge and Arbitrator I feel it is my responsibility to get this houseful of unsigned documents in order. Current policies are much stricter than in the past re verifying teaching qualifications. I suggest we sit down soon to review your case file.

How far are you from Jasper?


Gord Harrison
Elwood College Judge and Arbitrator
London, Ontario 

Now, let's wait and see what happens.

[Photo by GH, from 'Spectrum 1970', my teachers' college yearbook]


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