Friday, February 15, 2013

Short Story PT 4: "Where are you, Joe?"

After I sent Joe (a fellow teacher I haven't seen since 1970) a recent email suggesting we meet to update his paperwork file ("I suggest we sit down soon to review your case file. How far are you from Jasper?"), I think he caught on that I was pulling his leg. He should have too. The Joe I knew was as sharp as a tack.

Below is his short reply:

The Penny drops 6 hours RU living in Jasper?

I wrote right back to explain the situation:

Hi Joe. 

Good work, you solved the mystery before there was a need to send along my old photo and one of the "Old Russian Folk Tale" you penned in the back of my 'Spectrum 1970' (yearbook), Elborn College, before we parted ways.

["I think Joe will remember my yearbook mug shot"]

I live in London, have since 1970, am retired (85 factor helped me decide in 2002), and will be passing through Jasper as I did a year ago, on my way to Vanc. Island in late April. I am tracing information re my late father's war years w RCNVR ('41 - 45) and he "trained zombies" (he says in his memoirs) at Comox once home from Europe. A tramp around 'The Spit' in Comox harbour is on my agenda.

I thot if you lived close by I would buy you a coffee during 'The Canadian's' short stopover. Not to be, this time. You're hours away and may be teaching.

BTW Are you still teaching now? Plans for retirement?

Keep well, 


I found it disappointing that Joe lives 6 hours away from Jasper. No way could we meet during the train's short stopover. However, I plan to vacation there in the future (when my wife can get time off work), so some time in the future two old teachers might be able to hash over old times.

I sent off the email, and the next day I received very interesting news back from Joe. A get-together is more possible than I thought.

Stay tuned.

[Photo by GH from Spectrum 1970]


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