Wednesday, June 5, 2013

at a snail's pace 4

[this story about a snail is takin' forever!]

Ever so slowly a snail stretched its body across a wide chasm outside my workshop. I asked myself, "Will he make it? Should I intervene?"

I didn't intervene. I let nature take its course, its painstakingly slow course. I was 90% sure snails had - sometime during the last 1,000 years - developed the technology to bridge the gap between deck boards.

Why, the little critter made it look easy. No sweat involved. Just a bit of slime. As it turned around I imagined what it was saying to itself: "Easy kap-easy."

["I'll go back to tell others how it's done."] 

However, as many already know, life (and nature) ain't always easy. Inside 30 minutes, something terrible happened.

Stay tuned.

Photos by GH


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Barry Wells said...

Something terrible happened?


G. Harrison said...

skid marks on the shop floor tell the tale!