Wednesday, June 19, 2013

stay-cation vs road trip

In less than two weeks I'll celebrate my 11th year of retirement, and though I've had lots of opportunities, I've seldom taken a week off from active duties. My nature is similar to that of a worker bee's and taking a few hours or one or two days off here or there usually suits me just fine.

That being said, good weather ahead has me thinking about taking a few days off, and a couple of choices are lining up against each other inside my head, i.e., a stay-cation in my backyard and home city vs. bicycle trip to Port Bruce on Lake Erie or Port Franks on Lake Huron.

Early thoughts:

If I stay home I'll likely want to build two cedar lounge chairs for the back deck so that I can work on my tan in style

A couple of old Adirondack chairs are waiting for my about 70 Kms. west, beside a wee cabin in Port Franks

If I stay home I don't have to pedal 70 kms. west with supplies in a bike trailer

If I pedal to the beach I'll have lengthy, mostly undisturbed reading and writing times every day, just like last year at Port Bruce

I think I need to think about this some more.

What are you thinking? Stay or go?

Photos by GH  


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