Friday, June 28, 2013

"don't throw that out!"

["More lumber, Gordie? I'll help you unload the car"]

One day I'll turn 93 and after a second helping of double-chocolate cake loaded with cherry pie fill my two 70-something sons will ask me when I'm going to get around to cleaning out the basement, workshop and The Annex (storage shed).

"In a while," I'll say. (Meaning - sometime, maybe soon, maybe never, maybe you'll be doing it.)

I have a hard time throwing stuff out because I see meaning or value in many items deemed worthless by others. I know, deep deep down, I'm not alone. In fact, I've got millions and millions of other people - in Canada alone - for company.

Recently I drove to a lumber store to pick up a few pieces of barn board for bat houses. (Robin would be so pleased). I parked in front of a cull pile and made a detour before entering the store. I soon had made two purchases, i.e., barn board and a $10 pack of bits of this and that, mostly cedar identical to wood I've used in the past for certain types of birdhouses (so I knew the $10 pack was worth more than 10 times that to me).

["The paint comes off the red cedar easily w sanding"]

My behaviour is governed in part by my genetic makeup. I'm part Catton (my ancestors commonly made something out of nothing most days of their lives) and part Harrison (a family known to collect items of low value in search of reward; they later invented hoarding behind the barn). As well, having completed over 1,000 projects in my shop over the last 10 years (mostly birdhouses), my experience tells me that there's gold in them thar hills, and cull piles.

["The red cedar makes a solid log cabin"]

["Sturdy homes sometimes start out in the cull pile.
And look at that beautiful cedar roof!"]

If you happen to hear a short guy say, "Don't throw that out," at one of your local lumber stores, be sure to toss a 'thumbs up' my way. : )

Photos by GH


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