Thursday, June 20, 2013

stay-cation vs road trip 2

I've done some more thinking about taking a few days off. If I can rent my favourite cabin for 3 - 4 weekdays then I'll soon pack my bags (and bike trailer) for the 70 km. jaunt to Port Franks. And if the sun is shining and the wind is at my back I'll be smiling all the way.

["Last year's ride to Port Bruce was a treat"]

["My favourite cabin w birdhouse on front wall"]

I don't mind pedalling 70 kilometers or the small, rustic accommodations at the end of a sandy path. All I need to haul is a few canned goods, a good book or two, a spare t-shirt, towel and swim trunks. I don't even need to write up a list. I've done this before and I bet I can predict what my days will be like.

["The beach is easy to find"]

["All the chairs are perfectly comfortable"]

Day 1 - ride 70 kms. west. rest up at the beach before supper. watch sunset. snap 100 photos. sleep.

Day 2 - sleep in. repeat Day 1 agenda (minus the cycling) w cold beer from fridge and good book.

Day 3 - repeat Day 2 agenda.

Day 4 - ride 70 kms. east. repeat Day 1 agenda minus 90 of the photos.

My thinking is almost done.

["From the beach in Port Bruce, Aug. 24, 2012"]

Photos by GH


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