Thursday, June 27, 2013

keeping the workshop alive 2

Last week two friends dropped by with a truck load of old lumber and asked if I wanted it. Three things affected my decision.

It was free. It was a mess of old cedar fence boards and posts. They would help unload.

["I whittled down the haphazard stack of old material"]

The load was soon sitting in a rough pile outside my backyard shop and two days ago I did a pile of work to turn rescued lumber into something useful. Birdhouses and shadow boxes came to mind as I cut off rotted bits and removed bent nails.

["The scrap box was soon full"]

["At sunset I felt satisfied; good wood was neatly stacked"]

Within a few hours I had a goodly number of useful slats standing inside my shop and one particular project in mind, i.e., a batch of rustic houses for rustic birds. And before the sun went down eight houses were ready for sanding.

Sanding, assembling, adding a modest trim package. Easy kap-easy. But that's for tomorrow.

Photos by GH


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