Wednesday, June 18, 2014

East Coast 2014, Day 10

I walked from the Barrington St. hostel to the Naval Museum of Halifax on Gottingen St. in 40 - 45 minutes, passing Citadel Hill and many historic houses and buildings on the way. Surely I took over a dozen photos as I walked, like the typical tourist.

At the museum I was given a good lead in my search for more information about Combined Operations. As I make inquiries I realize there are not many people or places where information is collected in any large amount here in Canada, and I feel that one day I will perhaps be a leading expert with only a few seminal books under my arm, written by the men of Combined Ops themselves back in the early '90s, my father being one of them.

I leave Halifax tomorrow, and head back to my home in London via Fredericton, Rivière du Loup, Trois Rivières, Ottawa and Fenelon Falls. Many more miles to go and still time today for one more adventure at HMS Dockyard, another mile down the road. When I finally turn for the walk home I will have quite the hike ahead of me.

That's okay. I'm up for it.

Photos from along the way:

"The front door of The Citadel has been left unguarded"

"The guard has not yet arrived at his post!"

"I took over guard duty, and easily scared off all intruders"

"I believe this end entrance to Wellington Barracks
appears in my father's 'class photo', winter 1941"

"Barracks building appears much like it did in Dad's early Navy days"

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