Saturday, June 7, 2014

East Coast

Checking the Weather Station

["Weather concerns me. Pack my long johns?"]

Two days to go. Anticipation woke me up early again this morning.

I've been checking 14-day trends at the Weather Network and things don't look good. Rain clouds may fill the air on several days during my trip east. Day 1. Destination - Kingston. Forecast - rain. Day 2. Destination - Trois Rivieres. Forecast - rain. Such is life my father would say.

In 2010 I also checked 14-day trends and saw rain in my future but I only suffered one drop of rain during all my travels. But the forecasts encouraged me to buy rain gear and I wore it twice as i recall. For 30 minutes at the beginning of Day 2 - while leaving Kingston - and 45 minutes as I left Riviere du Loup on my way home. That was it. So, I'll pack rain gear again but try to stay ahead of the storms. I have a new back tire so the bike will be grippy and I'll stick to the old Trans-Canada Highway where I can, dodge heavy traffic and pull over when my glasses and helmet shield get wet or foggy.

Rain I can deal with. Snow, hail and disoriented moose are another story.

Photos from East Coast 2010

["Day 2. I removed the rain gear 30 minutes out of Kingston"]

["Day 2. I arrived in Trois Rivieres under cloudy skies"]

["Day 3. I left Trois Rivieres with dramatic clouds overhead"] 

 ["Day 3. Between Trois Rivieres and Riviere du Loup. Nice and dry"]

 ["Day 3. Beautiful day as I approach Riviere du Loup"]

 ["Day 4. I'm following Saint John R. on my way to Fredericton"]

 ["Day 4. Under sunny skies I find the world's longest covered bridge in N.B."]

 ["Day 4. Bright evening in Fredericton as I walk downtown"]

 ["Day 5. Entering N.S. on my way to Halifax. Wind made ride tougher"]

["Day 5. Warm, sunny day. Lunch time at roadside stop. Loverly"]

Mr. Noodle makes a fine lunch, but if it rains the soup gets a bit watery!

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