Friday, June 27, 2014

It Strikes Me Funny

A Crop Hopped to It

Before I biked to the East Coast, starting June 9, I took the above photo of a lovely limb I meant to decorate with a birdhouse once I had time. However, in my absence something happened to the limb.

It became home to vigorous hop vines that are now holding it firmly in place, and that give no sign of letting go until harvest time, some time in September. And as seen above, my next door neighbour will soon have a healthy hop crop of his own.

Have vines, will travel.

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Photos by GH


Barry Wells said...

Perfect. You'll be keeping that limb for a while.

G. Harrison said...

a cedar trellis is in the works to support new, quick growth, but - you are right - the vine won't be giving up the limb!