Thursday, June 19, 2014

East Coast 2014, Day 11

I am officially on my way home. I have been to PEI and Halifax and now my motorcycle is facing west.... and into a wind and some rain.

After enduring the weirdest and most dangerous detour known to motorcyclists (if you have not been to the top of Tatamagouche Mountain and muscled a motorcycle along a wet, slippery, muddy and rocky dirt road leading to almost nowhere, don't go), I finally made it to the small town of Tatamagouche, filled up with gas and was informed the detour was meant for locals only.

Stupid. Stupid! Stupid!! Who is in charge around here? Nobody told me 'NOT' to take the detour from the Dark Side. I coulda been killed.

Shortly thereafter, through thick and thin and rain and wind, I arrived in a lovely town to look at, i.e. Amherst, N.B., snapped a few photos and cooled down. And I arrived in my destination city, Fredericton, after more wind and rain, by supper time.

Tomorrow will definitely be a better day.

Photos from along the way, in Amherst:

Photos by GH

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