Friday, June 6, 2014

It Strikes Me Funny

They'll Be Back

I get down on my hands and knees every year, sharp blade in hand, and remove dandelions from my front lawn one by one. A year or two ago the Google Map car caught me in mid-stab, half-filled bucket nearby ("I got another one, Dear!"), so a photograph my house, and the 'pluggin' away' I endure to keep my yard clean, has been saved for posterity.

["I'm ready to dump them w last week's batch"]

["Last week's batch - they're alive!!"]

Though I trash the dandelions I've cut from the lawn they somehow seem to survive. Even in the garbage can they reproduce by the millions. My front lawn is clean for 2014 but I think I'll be fighting another round come next spring.

How do you get rid of these suckas?!

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