Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Workshop

BHs for Gathering on the Green 2

A couple of months ago I found an old CD stand (from pine, standing over 4 ft. tall) at a Fenelon Falls flea market and decided to take a chance.

"I could turn it into a funky birdhouse," I said to myself. And I paid the man.

Yesterday I put coats of paint on trim and when dry attached the bits and bobs and perches to the front door, then reattached it to the stand.

Voila! I think the six-plex plus penthouse will prompt a bit of conversation at Gathering on the Green this coming Saturday.

Details Up Close

["Penthouse and first apartment; perches - golf tees and wooden spoons"]

["Curtain rings make the entrance a bit snazzier"]

["Small pots for seeds are glued to wee benches. No extra charge!"]

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