Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Workshop

Swap Box for Swapping

I didn't think I would finish a swap box this week, especially before Gathering on the Green. But the paint cans were open, brushes were flying, so I got a move on and... voila!

Except for the door, signage, three coats of paint, price for it's size (and its function or purpose), there isn't much difference between a swap box and birdhouse. Not too much, eh?

The door is harder work because, one, it isn't a hole and 30 second's worth of easy drill work. And two, there's the plexiglass (gotta fit just right), hinges, latch and four separate pieces that have to form a sturdy rectangle than can suffer some abuse without falling apart in one's hands. Doors can take all day.

Hardware has to be just right or the door gets sticky. Three coats need to be spread over a bit of time and the signage gets fussy. And you know what a good man's time costs, right? So, the price is higher than a birdhouse of comparable size.

That being said, I've only had positive reports about their 'fun value' (one of mine made the news in Ottawa, so I'll likely be famous for about 15 minutes), on par with 'little free libraries' if you catch my drift.

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