Friday, July 11, 2014

East Coast - Lessons Learned

Is Newer and Bigger Always Better?

["The PEI ferry provided the first railway link between PEI and mainland"]

During my recent 4,800 kilometre-long trip I learned a lot of lessons about motorcycle travel, staying in hostels and life in general. For example, in the future I will take oil with me because Castrol 10W-40 costs almost $10/litre in Truro. Cheap dorm rooms are almost empty in June but bikers are clumped together in Riviere du Loup. And some modern trends need to be thought out carefully.

Now, about the latter. Because I like to wander around museums, read all signage attached to exhibits and then interpret things my own way, I learned the following 'general life lesson' at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on Tuesday, June 17: Don't throw out old tried and true methods, machinery or modes of life just because something new comes along.

 ["In my opinion, the first PEI was retired while in its teen years"]

 ["Wouldn't you love to travel aboard this ship (in its actual size, of course)?"]

 ["Propellers for and aft allowed PEI to be an ice-breaker. Highly efficient, I say"]

["Some ships kept chickens, cattle aboard to provide fresh eggs, milk, meat"]

Surely there have been many times when we have retired a perfectly good method (or machine, etc.) before its time. Daily Phys. Ed., Grade 13, electric trolleys, passenger trains, working neighbourhoods (where one can live and work for 40 years vs distant 'burbs), size 'small' (re cars, houses, stores, food portions, etc.), and more. By examining the above exhibit closely I learned the older PEI ferry was retired after 16 years but, when needed, went on to another productive 28-year career. I then concluded - correctly, I bet - there are things we should hang onto longer than the mere whims of certain others dictate.

So, next time somebody comes along and tells us to replace a method, machine or style of life that's working for us, we should tell them to 'shove off, take a long walk off a short pier'. I mean, we might have the best 'steak 'n' eggs' breakfast in the world within walking distance.

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