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East Coast Photo Files

Trip Day 9 - June 17, 2014

Halifax and Environs

On Tuesday, June 17 I rose early and prepared for the main mission associated with my trip to the East Coast, i.e., to ride to Pennant Point, find the rocky shelf from which I'd tossed - four years earlier - Silver Walnut II (a wooden ship filled with my father's ashes) in the act of burying him at sea, and remember him not only as a good father but as a gallant WW2 seaman in the service of the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve and member of a little known group called Combined Operations.

I was armed only with a map to Crystal Crescent Beach and a four-year-old memory of a particular slippery shelf and its surrounding area. Would I find the exact spot? I felt I could get pretty darn close.

["One stop in Ketch Harbour on my way to the beach's parking lot"]

Back in 2010 the hike from Crystal Beach to a fine quiet 'tossing off point' and back cost me several hours and a gallon of sweat. This time round I fared much better in both departments, and returned to Halifax with enough energy in the bank to enjoy a walk about that lasted well into the evening. That should tell you something about whether I was successful or not out on Pennant Point.

Photos from along the way:

 ["A well-made trail leads past the sandy beach to the rugged coast beyond"]

 ["The good trail will soon end and one must choose the best route"]

 ["This 2010 photo reveals the setting I am looking for during my hour-long hike"]

 ["I rounded a corner and felt I was approaching the right area"]

 [This year water was higher and hid important features. But I felt I was home"]

 ["I will remember this unique feature for my next trip"]

 ["I was soon back in Halifax having a great 'walk about']

["Outside the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic stands a meaningful memorial"]

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