Sunday, July 6, 2014

Motorcycle Miles

'small, quick, economical commuting machines'

["Even my motorcycle, hiding behind 4th car, cost me $$ to park in Ottawa recently"]

I do like my motorcycle and my other two-wheelers and I know that sometime in the future, maybe sooner than I think, I will have to make some changes in the number of toys I currently own. For example, as I age I will need more functional storage because it will become harder to lift my CCM bicycle off hooks in the ceiling of The Annex in my backyard. And as the price of fuel rises, surely I will feel inclined to consider a smaller, more economical motorcycle over my 1100cc Yamaha.

From where I stand, we North Americans will soon have to make adjustments, due to fuel costs, to the number and size of vehicles we own and operate, if we have not done so already. I am certain small, quick, economical commuting machines will be more-widely considered than today as an intermediate option to travel (before facing the harshest of realities). Sharing vehicles too will be considered as an intermediate option.

But we will be very slow to give up on the chief cause of rising fuel costs - our desire to have gas-fuelled machines in every driveway for almost every person in North America.

That being said, we should begin to talk now about modes of transportation for the masses, as well as new types of communities built to conserve all forms of present-day fuels. Walking communities, solar- or geo-thermal powered communities where conservation of energy is the topic of the day.

Conservation of energy, today, is not chiefly on our minds. We still are chiefly considering personal (for me) forms of transportation as if the rising price of fuel is not leading us toward an energy crisis where the wealthy will win and the masses will be stuck in the mud, or in far-distant subdivisions, filled w fuel-driven needs.

Time to talk.

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