Thursday, July 3, 2014

Motorcycle Miles

Motorcycle Options

["Last minute look at the '94 Yamaha Virago before blast off"]

I'll likely be one of those guys who will have some sort of two-wheeler around the house until I'm in my nineties and ready to sell off toys. I already have three.

I have a 1994 1100cc Yamaha Virago motorcycle that runs like a top. My recent roundtrip between Halifax and London proved once again how reliable, practical and exhilarating two-wheeled travel can be. I also own a 1951 red CCM and 2012 Miele hybrid bicycle. Both are smooth moves. But I'm always looking at other options.

[Yamaha president H. Yanagi introduces Tricity: London Free Press]

Yamaha's new three-wheeler is a modern update on an old theme, at least for those who live outside North America. It's one of several small, quick, economical commuting machines up for sale. And because fuel prices are heading north and are unlikely to reverse direction, small commuters will get some airplay even in London, home to more miles of expensive tarmac than The City Corporation will ever be able to properly maintain.

Link to a good review of three-wheelers at Gizmag. Read all the comments too : )

I have my own ideas about 'small, quick, economical commuting machines' as well. Whodda thunk?!

One, I like them to a certain degree.

More to follow.

["Look at the storage, in one leather saddlebag. Awesome??"]

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