Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Workshop

Little Free Library

["My first library (minus some signage), June 2012"]

I want to say right off the bat - I don't make the 'free library' for free. Hey, they're a lot of work and the white cedar I use wasn't rescued from the curb. But, they are fun to make and downright useful and entertaining all at the same time. And who among us doesn't get the 'take a book, leave a book' philosophy behind these front yard community hot spots?

Library number two is ready for primer and number three is on the drawing board:

["White cedar tongue and groove, ready for a new face"]

["Face and roof attached, now ready for primer"]

As well, swap box number four is underway:

["The front door of a swap box can be a fussy business"]

["I'm stirring the paint while we speak" : ) ]

Busy as a bee I am.

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