Thursday, July 3, 2014

East Coast Photo Files

Trip Day 6 - June 14, 2014

Prince Edward Island

On Saturday morning, 2,100 kilometres from home and in a very comfortable bed, I slept in - this was rare - until seven. But once awake I was soon up and on the road - in a van with my sister Lannie, exploring Murray Harbour and environs. Very cool temperature- and scenery-wise.

One is never far from the water when exploring a small island, and therefore boats and wooden storage sheds and wind and waves and stunning views are literally everywhere. People who try to make a living from the land and sea are hard-working and honest. I asked a few straight questions (e.g., "Successful catch this morning?") and got straight answers ("Nope. We'll hafta leave the traps in longer").

Though I always find oceanside scenes fascinating, my favourite haunt on PEI was an old barn on my host's property. I want it bad.

Scenes from along the way:

My wife would roll her eyes to hear me say, I could live in that barn. But what a place to store lumber supplies, work during the week, then sing and dance on a Saturday night.


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