Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Avocado 39 "Taller By the Minute!"

Patience is a Virtue

Right around three feet tall now

Several months ago my wife planted an avocado seed according to Hoyle (dipped its butt in a glass of water using toothpicks) and we waited a long time to see the first root emerge from its bottom and shoot from its top end. I trimmed the shoot according to online instructions and eventually it stretched about two feet high, then stopped growing for several weeks.

Patiently we waited for the plant's next stage, and recently I saw a wee bit of new growth (no pictures were taken), followed shortly thereafter my its new and improved growth spurt. Six or seven new leaves have sprouted and 10 inches have been added - in very short order - to the plant's overall height. What this all means and what will develop I do not know.

Shiny new leaves are on the move

I'm just going to have to wait and see..... patiently.

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