Monday, July 25, 2016

The Transition Zone 5

The Right Name for the Game

Slow down, Gordie. There's a well-known curve ahead
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The month of July saw the end of one set of 90 walks/runs ("Speed Up, Man") and the beginning of another (100 walk/runs: "The Transition Zone"). It seems I know how to pick names for the sets. I did in fact feel like my attempts at shuffling or jogging were speeding up in June and July, and I sense good things will continue to happen in July and beyond. Though I still hesitate to call myself a runner, I believe that by September I will have earned the title, especially when going downhill.

"Whoa. Watch out! Speedster coming through" 

"Transition Zone" seems an appropriate term to describe where I am right now - related to The GREAT Canadian Comeback - for a couple of reasons:

     My sore left foot is healing and to remove small amounts of
     stress I will continue to cycle once or twice per week.

     Though it appears the number of walks will improve this month
     ('Get Out The Door' (GOTD) rate of 80 - 90%, compared to 73%
     in June), the total number of miles covered will be below the monthly
     average again, i.e., under 120. 

I don't mind transitioning downward from 120 miles per month to 100 - 110 during summer months because there is much to do each week (other enjoyable, 'active' activities), and higher numbers might result in more stress injuries. Finding the right training program to mount a comeback is an ongoing business, and I have lots of time to sort things out as I go along. 

"I'll study the numbers each month and sort things out"

More photos from along the way:

 Greenway Park is still my favourite destination for walking/jogging

My Old South loop provides lots of shade during hot evenings

Progress is being made. All is relatively well. 

Please link to The Transition Zone 4

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G. Harrison said...

I have covered 1163 miles since Sept. 28, 2015, or about 116 miles per month, not bad for an old geezer. In 10 years maybe I'll be strong and svelte!!