Sunday, July 10, 2016

Birdhouse Repair (1)

Needs New Roof and More

Would you throw it out or fix it?

I spotted this rustic barnhouse on a friend's property and was told it would likely be thrown out after a new one (one of my farmhouses) was purchased.

I said, "I can fix it up and you can have both... old and new."

Should I have opened my mouth? Repair can be a lot of work. Selling a new one is much easier, especially if the new one is already done - and it is!

My friend agreed to have both, so now I have to put some energy where my mouth is.


This will be fun and my friend will be pleased w my efforts.

"Oh yeah, it needs more than a new roof!"

Please link to Birdhouse Repair: Three for the Price of One

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