Friday, July 29, 2016

Motorcycle Miles in July 2

St. Marys, Ontario... and Leftovers

Golden bales under cloudy skies, NE of London

I had a smaller window of time for a motorcycle ride yesterday so I headed off in a north-easterly direction to St. Marys, Ontario. It is 50 kilometres from my front door, compared to 60 - 65 for Pt. Bruce (my favourite destination). My notes mention a few of the highlights - "golden bales, deep river valley" - and photos depict others. (Any from Pt. Bruce are leftovers from earlier rides during the week).

I like second floor apartments. A balcony would be nice. When I saw
a friend I could invite him up for coffee or holler, "Get off the grass!"

 I would like to buy the chair. Maybe that low table too : )

I'm parked at Imperial Rd.'s end, 20 steps from lunch (yummy BLT sandwich)

In Black and White:

Bike rides, whether short or long, include many wee pleasures 

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