Friday, July 15, 2016

The Transition Zone 2

Three in a Row

On Tuesday I started a set of 100 walks/jogs/bicycle rides that I will call 'The Transition Zone'. I will be hoping to recover fully from a mild but lingering foot injury, and hoping to walk a little less while jogging a little more.

During the last set of 90 walks/shuffles (aka 'Speed Up, Man'), I perceived positive changes. While walking and shuffling - within my limits - I felt stronger and jogged faster and farther during intervals. I hope to continue to see the same improvements during the next four months.

There is no doubt I am making good, gradual progress related to The GREAT Canadian Comeback, moving from couch-potato-like to fitter and healthier. And I am quite content to take my time... because I have the time.

Photos from along the way:

Springbank Park is busy even on a weekday

Please link to The Transition Zone 1

Photos GH

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