Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Transition Zone 1

Successes Continue to Mount

July 10 - 12 included a good conclusion and a fresh start

Sunday, July 10 was a busy day. I cycled for over two hours on city pathways (east to Highbury Avenue; west to Springbank Park), and later walked a mile before settling down at a local pub to watch the Euro 2016 final. 

Monday was a significant day. I walked/jogged 4 miles in my neighbourhood, chatted with a former student (from 1980 approx.) along the way, and once I crossed the finish line I recorded the 90th and final entry in the "Speed Up, Man" set of walks.

And on Tuesday I started the next set of walks.... in easy fashion. I walked downtown for a couple of cold pints - whistling a happy tune - and counted the effort as #1 in the all new and exciting set of 100 walks entitled "The Transition Zone." I call it that because as I continue to make gradual but noticeable progress related to 'The GREAT Canadian Comeback', there is much work to be done.

My shuffling and jogging are in the early stages and experts would say I need to make vast improvements in the strength, stamina, speed, and smooth departments. Hey, no arguments from me.

Photos from along the way:

 Lovely soccer field at Chelsea Green Park, Adelaide St.

 A runner heads east toward Highbury Avenue 

 The city pathway takes us under Adelaide Street

 I cycle west and over the King St. Bridge

 Busy Maurice Chapman pathway near Springbank Park

I call this photo "The Big Goof"

Please link to Steady As She Goes 12

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