Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Morning Smile 7

Hop Vines, Trumpet Vines... All Fine

Hop vines entangle year-old spruce branches

These two vines provide a good deal of pleasure (including shade) this time of year. Trumpets are trumpeting and hops are hopping, and growth occurs rapidly, almost before my eyes.

Hop vines have their disadvantages. They tend to take over, and if you attempt to tame them they will fight back. While moving vines yesterday - onto branches of old limbs - I received prickly scratches on the inside of both arms that turned red by evening. Nothing too severe, so I will very likely do the same in the future, perhaps while wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

 Trumpets blow their own horn for a week or more

When the trumpets fade the hops flower

I expect the hop vines will flower this month, a lovely time of year in my opinion.

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