Sunday, July 24, 2016

Birdhouse Repair: Labatt Park Custom Model (4)

A New Shade of Labatt Blue

Red cedar roof with Labatt Blue paint will stand out (in the rain?)

The restoration project is comely along nicely. The four-plex is definitely sturdier and heavier, with the addition of 4 - 5 dozen nails, and the trim should stand out more than in the past. Dynamic Blue catches the eye - at least up close - in my opinion.

Once the second coats are dry I'll be asking, "Now, where's that chimney?"

More to follow.

Please link to Birdhouse Repair: Labatt Park Custom Model (3)

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G. Harrison said...

I need to refresh the white paint and do prep work on a new pole, so we're several days away from FINI.