Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Workshop's Production Line 2

Variety Pak on the Production Line

 Half of the cedar houses sit like ducks in a row, ready for trim

Old western cedar will catch peoples' attention.... I hope

Eighteen birdhouses are being rapidly assembled for Saturday's big sale in Dorchester, ONT. I already have 30-plus ready to go but I feel the urge to stuff the car for this event. The shop is litter with body parts, for birdhouses as per usual, for three different models.

The Western Cedar Slat House:

The Red Cedar Standard

The Wren/Chickadee 2-Minute Model

Once string is attached, one only needs 2 minutes to hang it on a branch

More to follow, once colourful trim has been assembled.

Not seen in photos - four Rietveld chairs also continue along the assembly line.

: )

Please link to Upcoming Projects: 18 Cedar Birdhouses and More

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