Thursday, July 21, 2016

Port Bruce Photos (2)

Lake Erie Called

Close to the edge of my universe

The weather was just right this morning so I warmed up the bike. Lake Erie called, I answered.

More photos from along the way:

I stopped briefly on Crossley-Hunter Line, a dozen swallows overhead. Scoop!

 Under a bridge (on Crossley-Hunter) I spied swallows' mud nests

Perfect day for a swim but I'd left my suit at home. Rats!

More to follow from this AM's ride.

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G. Harrison said...

The nests are in good shape but no young swallows were seen. Adults were in the air and swooped under the bridge. Perhaps the young have flown the coop or are due to hatch soon. I will return within 10 - 14 days to see if adults are feeding young birds.... very interesting to watch. GH