Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Transition Zone (4)

Another Good Week in the Books

Part of my Old South two-mile loop, Baseline Rd., looking west

Thankfully, recent hot temperatures in London cool down a few degrees after supper and walking or riding is made easier, more enjoyable.

Yesterday evening, the last day of the week according to my calendar, I collected my 6th walk or shuffle or bike ride in 7 days, for a total of 27 miles. Not a bad result during such muggy weather, when it is entirely possible to be absolutely stuck to the vinyl seats in one's kitchen for hours on end.

Biking in Springbank Pk. takes pressure off my left sore foot 

Walking south on Cathcart St., my home stretch

Yesterday's walk, number 10 of 100 in my current set of outings (aka The Transition Zone), may only mark 10% of my goal for the next three months, but my left foot is repairing itself nicely - no hurries, no worries - so I expect positive results to continue.

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