Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Point of View: Yup, I’m a geezer - I won’t buy bottled water

Part 3

Sure, I’m a geezer.

I have unruly neck hair and don’t believe the myth that bottled water is healthier than tap water.

[Why? Click here.]

According to a recent letter to The Londoner (V. Prat, Aug. 13) there are five more popular myths and they all turn my unruly hair gray.

Along with as much plastic water as we can fit into a Hummer some people want us to buy the following:

That $1 or $2 a litre [for water] is cheap.
Bottled water is a sound environmental choice
Recycling plastic works
At events e.g. if bottled water is not available people will turn to sugar drinks
There will be lost jobs

Why, just for starters, it geezerfies the mind to imagine how much money some people could save if, instead of bottled water, they purchased a thermos for their backpack or brief case and travel mug for the car.

Where is our self-reliance, ability to squeeze our own oranges, appreciation for the environment, creativity - and willingness to think outside the bottle?



Theresa said...

Hey! I heard on the CBC news today that London is going to 'ban' bottled water in municipal facilities, or something to that effect? Is that true? How great that would be!

Gord H. said...

Hi Theresa,

It is true.

It is a limited ban but has opened the door to wider implementation. Score one for city council.

Google the following:

Bottled water ban OK'd London Free Press

Local council was taking some flak so I wrote a column re my reaction to some of the myths surrounding water bottle usage to lend my support.

(Yup, I'm a geezer. Column will be out tomorrow if interested; see side panel for link to The Londoner.)


Gord H.